Meet Our Team

Our front line team includes our Vets, Nurses and Animal Caretakers. They work together and form the Healthcare Delivery Team. Our teams work 24 hours a day ensuring pets receive the best care that can be provided.

The Vets are responsible for examining patients, performing surgery, dispensing medications. We always have a vet on shift working directly with the rest of the healthcare team.

The nurses work tirelessly providing personal care to all patients. They carry out patient orders from the vets, monitor vitals and progress throughout their shift. They examine pets on arrival to the emergency centre. There are so many important functions that the nurses perform.

Our Animal Caretakers have the important role of ensuring the emergency centre remains as clean as possible. They are involved in preparing food for patients and running pathology tests.

Dr Trudi McAlees - Medical Director


Dr Trudi is a Fellow in emergency and critical care and was the first such person to reach this qualification in Australia.  Dr Trudi provides training and supervision to our emergency team, to ensure that we continue to practice the best medicine possible.  Dr Trudi is available to consult on complex emergency and critical care cases.  Currently Trudi is supervising two of our team members as they complete the requirements to become Fellows in emergency and critical care.  We are one of the few private organisations in Australia to have a residency training program operating. 

Specific ECC interest:    

  • Trauma   
  • Post graduate veterinary education
  • Publications:
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