Our Emergency Vet Department includes

Surgical Suite

We are equipped for all types of emergency vet surgery. Specialised monitoring equipment provides constant monitoring of patients' vital statistics, while warming blankets and heating pads keep animals warm during emergency vet surgery.


AAE's radiology equipment allows us to take radiographs and process the films on site - an important capability for a 24 hour vet in Melbourne. We are always updating our equipment to enhance our ability to respond to any vet emergency


A key aid in the case of animal emergency. Melbourne's AAE has an in-house ultrasound machine that is used specifically in cases of trauma, critical illness and pregnancy. The ultrasound may be used to detect common issues in vet emergency situations including foetal heart beats and abnormal fluid in the chest or abdomen


Animal Accident & Emergency is supported by external laboratories which can usually return results within 6 hours on weekdays.   However, in the case of an animal emergency, Melbourne pets don’t always have long to wait. Our extensive range of equipment allows us to perform a multitude of blood tests in house. It is rare that a 24-hour vet in Melbourne or even Australia-wide can compare their pathology service to ours. Within five minutes of blood collection we can have results that help us accurately treat life-threatening vet emergency situations.

Animal Medicine

In emergency vet situations, we come across a variety of unusual diseases. We have a wide range of medications, including antivenin for snake bites and paralysis tick antiserum. Resuscitation room: This room contains special equipment including pressure infusers for intravenous fluids; oxygen; heart and blood pressure monitoring; suction and a heart defibrillator.

Blood Bank

We stock large amounts of blood products and are able to blood type both dogs and cats onsite. Cat blood is especially precious. To help with an animal emergency, Melbourne cat owners are encouraged to bring in their cats to donate blood.