Tullamarine Freeway Roadworks Update

24 Apr | General News

A Tullamarine Freeway Roadworks Update

Emergency Approach to a Seizuring Patient

20 Apr | General News

Seizures are a common presenting problem in the emergency setting, and can often seem quite daunting at first.

AAE Essendon Fields Roadworks Update

20 Apr | General News

An Update on the Roadworks around AAE Essendon Fields


20 Apr | General News

Don't forget that both AAE Essendon Fields and Point Cook are open over ANZAC Day

Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (Bloat) in pets

15 Mar | General News

Bloat or GDV is a heart breaking condition that we deal with in both our Animal Accident & Emergency locations.

Chocolate Poisoning in pets

15 Mar | General News

As we all know chocolate poisoning is a serious risk to pets throughout they year, especially over the Easter period.

Aortic Thrombosis In Canines

14 Feb | General News

We are aware of the commonly devastating effects of blood clots and aortic thromboembolism in our feline patients however less commonly we may encounter aortic thrombotic disease in dogs.

DR X-Ray Machine

14 Feb | General News

Essendon Fields new DR X-Ray Machine

Diagnosing and Treating Pancreatits

18 Jan | General News

Around this time of year, we see a lot of patients who have stolen ham off the table, or licked grease form under the barbeque and have presented with Pancreatitis.